Apple TV/iTV rumor mill churns out more firms that may win supply contracts

Yesterday I mentioned that the rumor mill was claiming that suppliers were getting ready to start gathering the materials needed to build the new Apple HDTV being called the iTV so far. Today more rumors have surfaced with sources telling DigiTimes that other major firms in Taiwan may win contracts to provide components for the iTV.

The companies tipped to win contracts by the courses include TSMC, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, and Siliconware Precision Industries. The sources are claiming that Foxconn Electronics will be the likely source to win the final assembly contract for the iTV.

While Foxconn is tipped to be winning the contract to assemble the AppleTV, the firm has also announced that it is expanding its production capability for smartphones in northern China. The factory in Zhengzhou will have its capacity increased from 200,000 daily units to 400,000 units. The workforce will increase from 100,000 to 200,000 people. Foxconn builds the iPhone for Apple.

[via DigiTimes]