Apple suppliers tip materials prep for iTV in Q1

The rumors have been flying for a long time now that Apple was looking to make an actual TV. The company has had the Apple TV in the past that was a set-top box. The new TVs would presumably have similar functions built into the set. According to DigiTimes sources, the supply chain is getting the components needed to build the new iTVs ready to go.

The sources claim that the materials will be readied in Q1 2012 to meet the Apple schedule for launching the sets in Q2 or Q3. In previous rumors about these TVs we had heard the screens would be three different sizes including 24-inch, 32-inch, and 55-inch versions. DigiTimes sources are claiming that the initial sizes will be 32-inch and 37-inch.

Other sources are also cited that are saying the traditional next-gen Apple TV set-top box will debut in 2012 as well. It would make sense for Apple to target the new buyers with a TV that has the tech integrated and a set-top box for those that don't want to buy a new TV.

[via DigiTimes]