Apple TV+ video service arrives with original shows this fall

During its event today, Apple took the wraps off its new Apple TV+ service, the product increasingly detailed in leaks over past months. The official product is a video streaming service unveiled alongside a roster of celebrities, one that will offer viewers access to original programming already in the development pipeline.

The Apple TV+ service was unveiled by company CEO Tim Cook at its event today, where director Steven Spielberg and a number of other notable creatives from the film industry took time to hawk Apple's new video service. Apple is taking its own larger step into the original programming market, joining Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and a number of other companies.

Apple has been the focus of many rumors over past years, notably over the last year or so when various sources alleged the company was acquiring or otherwise interested in a number of video projects. Apple confirmed both plans to offer serious original programming and many shows already in the pipeline, including a sci-fi series called See and a drama called The Morning Show.

There are more than 25 projects in development, some of which include episodic TV shows; Apple users can also expect the arrival of original movies. You won't have to be an Apple device owner to enjoy the exclusives, however — the Apple TV+ app will be available on a number of devices from other companies, including Roku, Samsung, Amazon, and Vizio.

It's clear Apple is planning to take on competitors in a big way, proclaiming that Apple TV+ will be the destination for "the highest-quality originals." According to the company, its new video service will be advertisement-free, offered in more than 100 countries, and available to access this Fall. Viewers will be able to download content for offline viewing and access it on-demand.