Apple TV update brings dictation, Live Photos and more

Love Apple TV? The company has announced some updates and changes rolling out starting today, and that includes some long-requested features like using your voice to enter your username and passwords, eliminating the hassle of pecking each letter manually. "You're really going to love it!," Apple CEO Tim Cook proclaimed, running through the roster of features.

Apple announced its newest Apple TV not too long ago, and today those users can download the latest tvOS update that brings the aforementioned features, as well as some other features — you can down use folders on the home screen to organize your apps, for example, finally letting the more anal retentive among us to get into the nitty-gritty of organization.

As well, Siri is making life even easier in tvOS — you can ask her to find you movies containing a specific actor, as one example, or to hunt down an app for you in the App Store...says Apple, Siri can now search more apps than it used to. This new update is also bringing Lives Photos to Apple TV, if you're so inclined to use them.

This is just a sliver of Apple's announcements today — the company has detailed everything from the iPhone, to its battle with the government and view of user privacy, to how it is working to preserve the environment. Be sure to hit up the SlashGear Apple Hub for all the details coming in live from today's event!