Apple TV to Support Gaming?

Strings inside Apple's iOS 4.3 beta firmware that'll be used on Apple TV have been shown to display clues leading to one possibility: the ability to play games on Apple TV without having to jailbreak first. An anonymous tipster speaking with Engadget has revealed the following references: "ATVGames" and "ATVThunder," both of them inside iOS 4.3 beta 3, as well as "" and ".play.archive.thunder." What's all that junk mean? It might be nothing of too much interest, but what these tipsters may have found are clues to a controller, a set of game leaderboards, a way to schedule games, and a storefront.

This could mean a big jump in sales for that little Apple box of television, especially if their app store were to be opened to any sized screen (think human-sized Angry Birds up in Mike Tyson's mansion.) In addition to this find, there's a video up in the world displaying what they're calling "Apple TV 2 Remote Touch Behaviors." This video shows Alex Hisrbrunner using a Harmony remote to display hidden Apple TV commands like the funny wiggling of icons available in iOS now to sort (here doable with a standard remote.)

This function, having been only available thus far on iOS devices such as iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone, points directly at a more integrated experience on all Apple products, not just Apple TV. What do you think – App Store for all Apple devices? Or what?

[via PCmag]