Apple TV not likely in 2012 according to JP Morgan analyst

There has been a lot of speculation running rampant over the last several months that Apple was getting its very first entry into the HDTV market ready. There have been several analysts speculate the TV will launch this year previously. However, a new report by JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz says that the TV is unlikely to arrive this year.

Moskowitz wrote in a note to investors yesterday that J.P. Morgan research doesn't indicate a looming TV launch from Apple. The analyst also noted that economic conditions were not right for launch of an Apple branded television currently. I would say he's right on that count with the economy still sluggish in many parts the world.

Moskowitz does seem to believe that Apple has a chance to deliver a TV that can differentiate itself from the other "suitable" offerings on the market from competitors. At its core, the Apple television set is simply a smart TV similar to those that have been on the market for a long time. However, the analyst noted that his firm does expect Apple to be the company to "radically alter the TV landscape" if such a thing is possible.

[via Apple Insider]