Apple TV+ non-fiction series The Line includes companion podcast

Apple has announced a new non-fiction series coming to Apple TV+ called The Line. The show will be a four-part documentary series that'll join The Line podcast on Apple Podcasts, giving fans the chance to enjoy the nonfiction story in both popular mediums. The true-crime podcast has arrived ahead of the upcoming video premiere.The Line is a true-crime documentary series that includes a six-part podcast debuted on April 6. The audio show, which comes from Jigsaw Productions and is executed produced/hosted by Dan Taberski, explores the story of US Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher, particularly 'untold aspects' of the narrative, according to Apple.

"Both series will examine the complicated realities involved with fighting a decades-long war," Apple describes the show, "stripping back the layers surrounding Gallagher's alleged crimes." The six-part podcast kicks things off starting today, presenting listeners with interviews, investigative reporting, and more.

The documentary series will build upon what listeners hear in the audio podcast, which many will presumably listen to before watching the documentary. The four-part video series comes from Jigsaw Productions with Jeffrey Zimbalist serving as director.

According to Apple, the four-part documentary series will be available to watch starting sometime this fall. You'll need an Apple TV+ subscription to watch the documentary, of course. Apple customers who recently purchased certain devices can get the service for free, but everyone else will need to pay $4.99/month.