Apple TV 5.2 Jailbroken, aTV Flash Updated

Apple recently updated its Apple TV to version 5.2, bringing support for Bluetooth keyboards and the "Up Next" playlist feature. Now, a couple of weeks after release, the latest version has been jailbroken for those who wish to open the settings a bit to tinker around. aTV Flash also updated to support 5.2, which allows users to do a slew of neat stuff, including setting specific favorites and surfing the web.

Today, FireCore announced on its blog that it has released updates to aTV Flash (black) and Seas0nPass, both of which support the new 5.2 update for Apple TV. Since Apple added Bluetooth keyboard support, the latest aTV Flash also includes the same, allowing users to navigate around using either the keyboard or the standard remote.

Other than that, there are several minor improvements to backups, as well as DVD playback, but aside from that, it's your usual bugfixes and general performance improvements. To get started with the updated jailbreak, you'll want to back up first, and then run the latest version of Seas0nPass to update your Apple TV to version 5.2.

After that, it's just a matter of installing version 2.2 of aTV Flash, and then restore any previously-saved settings. Then you'll be back up and running, but with a newer version than before. Of course, do this at your own risk, since hacking into your devices, no matter how easy it is, always comes with risks of some sort, so this is something that's definitely not for the faint of heart.

Thanks for the tip, Erin!