Apple tries to seize

Apple often goes to court or takes other action to seize domains of websites that talk about its products if the domain names infringe on its trademarks. Apple is taking action to gain control of the web domain called The web domain appears to have very little traffic, but is obviously intended to talk about the rumors centering on the coming iPhone.

The thing that always bothers me about tech companies taking action like this is that in other industries, such as the automotive industry, rarely do you see a company attacking its own fans in this way. There are hordes of forums out there for specific automotive makes using trademarked names and automakers often support those websites rather than trying to take them offline. Odds are that Apple won't call the next iPhone the iPhone 5.

I wager they simply call it the new iPhone along the lines of the new iPad. The URL to the forum Apple wants to seize launched in October 2010. Apple has filed a claim with the World Intellectual Property Organization seeking control of the domain name. The WIPO is apparently assessing the claim now, but Apple is very likely to be granted its wish.

[via MacRumors]