Apple transparent texting patent makes texting and walking safer

We've all seen people walking around the office or down the street with their eyes glued to their phone oblivious to the real world in front of them. These people walk into others and objects frequently because they aren't looking at what is in front of them. Apple has filed a patent application for tech that might make these people a little less prone to walking into others.

The patent outlines a transparent texting system that would be able to make the background of an app a video of what is behind the smartphone. That would work by taking the video feed captured by the rear camera and making it the background .The idea is that the user would be able to have their face stuck in a text or maybe even an app like Facebook and still see what's behind the phone.

Apple's patent application was first filed in 2012 and has turned up again this week. As with all patent applications, there is no way to know for sure if Apple will be granted the patent. If granted there's no way to know if the tech will ever be used. This sounds like a no brainer piece of tech to me.

It won't stop people from texting and walking, but it might make the people a bit safer. The tech would give the user an image of what's behind the phone with text floating over the top. The bubbles around the texts could even be opaque or partially transparent to allow more visibility.

SOURCE: Apple Insider