Apple to improve on dual graphics operations in future Macbook Pros

The word's on the street that Apple has ambitions to bring improvements down the line to its MacBook Pro model, in terms of handling of its dual graphics chips.

With improved dual graphics, one is able to alternate between integrated and discrete graphics handling on the fly.  Nvidia also has plans for something like this, with its Optimus hybrid graphics system, which could very well be seen used in conjunction with Apple's new technology.  AppleInsider reports "This differs from the company's existing MacBook Pro lineup, which requires users to manually toggle between an integrated Nvidia GeForce 9400M graphics core and the more powerful 9600M GT discrete processor by first making a selection in their Mac's Energy Saver system preference pane, then logging out and back in for the change to take effect".

Dual switchable graphics is a concept that's been all the rage recently, especially with the increasing attention on energy-saving, as well as mobile device battery life.  In this case, Apple's MacBook Pro line could well see an enhancement on a major scale; it hasn't for a long while.

[via AppleInsider]