Apple to hold event in London next week - iPhone to be announced?

Apple has decided to hold a press conference in London next week. The event is being titles "Mum is no longer the word." I wonder what they could be launching?

Surely not the iPhone! Actually, all signs do in fact point to the announcement of the iPhone's availability in the European market. Finally, all of the speculation and rumors surrounding its launch can come to an end. The biggest questions we hope to have answered are the matter of 3G, price and which network it will be on.

I'm really curious to see what the price is going to be on the UK version of the phone. Apple just dropped the price in the US, so surely they won't screw over the people in Europe with a high price. That tends to be the trend with technology though. I could however see them asking a higher price if it includes 3G, but consumers are going to be wary of rushing out to buy one since the price fell quickly here in the states.

iPhone coming to UK next week? [via pcpro]