Apple To Drop Some Games And Peripherals From Retail Stores?

The next time you step inside your local Apple Store, you may experience an even more immaculate space at the already minimalist tech haven and find additional areas for personalized customer support. Inside sources quoted by The Loop, suggest that Apple Stores will be eliminating over 30 boxed games along with some hardware items from their retail shelves very soon. All this is to make more room for helping customers setup their new purchases.

Apple will be removing their printers, scanners, and likely some hard drives from the front-end display area of their stores. All those peripherals will be kept in stock but just out of sight and Apple employees will still suggest the items to customers during checkout. Apple may also be eliminating up to 32 games from their stores, reducing the number of displayed games to around 8 per store. Games now being easily downloaded via the App Store, make little sense to be kept taking up physical retail space.

The space recovered from eliminating games and peripherals will be used for personalized setup service. Some Apple stores have begun hiring new employees specifically for this task while others will have the employee that made the sale continue on with the setup. It is believed that 80 percent of Apple's retail stores will make this change within the next few months.

[via TUAW]