Apple to announce new netbook product line at MacWorld?

This morning Ezra Gottheil of Technology Business Research sent a note to clients, speculating that Apple will indeed launch a new product line at MacWorld in January 2009. Apple will announce a much-needed netbook to help Apple gain the upper hand and cover a fast growing market in which they have not yet tapped.

Gottheil goes on to say that this device will provide users with basic functions such as web access, word processing software, email and media playing all at a much more affordable price. Apple aims to give users a pick up and go experience with an easier learning curve that leaves less room for questions and problems. The new device will have an optional online backup service that allows users to completely backup and restore the device when needed.

I for one am glad to see Apple providing their products in all areas of the market for those who prefer the use of a Mac to a PC. We are sure that the new netbook device will be available about midyear 2009 with a $599 pricetag. With all the recent goodies Apple has brought to us this year, we can't wait to see how they will change the world of netbooks.