Apple tipped in talks with studios to bring 4K HDR movies to iTunes

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 24, 2017, 4:56pm CDT
Apple tipped in talks with studios to bring 4K HDR movies to iTunes

Apple it planning to unveil an updated Apple TV model with 4K UHD and HDR support next month, according to sources, and ahead of that launch reportedly comes talks with studios about launching 4K HDR movies on iTunes. The company was recently spotted listing some movies as ‘4K’ resolution in iTunes, though users who saw the resolution marker reported only being able to download the HD version.

The information comes from sources speaking to Bloomberg, which again tips the existence of an Apple TV model that can stream 4K-resolution content. That information isn’t new — we’ve been hearing it from various sources for awhile. Joining the tip, though, is word that Apple has supposedly been in talks with movie studios about getting 4K versions of existing movies to put on iTunes.

This will ensure that Apple TV buyers have at least a decent library of 4K and HDR content when the new model launches. Where Apple is at in these talks, though, isn’t revealed, nor do we know how many 4K movies iTunes may offer when the device launches. Assuming, of course, that all the rumors prove true.

The sources go on to claim that Apple has also been talking with companies that offer video apps for Apple TV, and that these talks revolve around its plan to offer a 4K version of the streaming device. As well, Apple has reportedly been talking with content creators about bringing 4K content to iTunes, the sources indicating that these talks may be for original rather than existing content, though the isn’t clear.

A recent report claimed that Apple is readying a $1 billion budget for original content next year. The move will greatly expand upon the company’s current limited number of original shows, though details about what kind of content we can expect are slight. Despite the large figure, Apple will still have an upwards battle in taking on Amazon and Netflix, the latter of which is ready to spend as much as $7 billion on content in 2018.

SOURCE: Bloomberg

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