Apple threatens guy who tried to sell 5th Ave store step on eBay with legal action

There is a bunch of odd junk that people try to sell on eBay. A few weeks back a strange eBay auction turned up that was for a cracked glass step from the Apple 5th Ave store in NYC. The step was from the fancy glass staircase in the store.

As the story goes, the guy listing it was an Apple Store employee at the time and a lady dropped a Snapple bottle coming down the stairs and cracked the step. The company who made the steps (said to be worth $10,000 each) came out and replaced it. The dude who listed the stair says he asked the workers replacing the step if he could have it and they said sure and even helped him load the 250 pounds stair into his car.

After a few moves, the guy says he decided to sell the stair on eBay at one point hoping to get $2,500 out of it. After the auction made news, the guy says he was contacted by Apple and a company called Seele who made the stair and was threatened with "thousands of dollars in legal fees" if he didn't pull the auction and return the stair. The guy says he pulled the auction to start with and now he plans on relisting it because he doesn't think he did anything wrong. The Seele VP who contacted him allegedly told him since he was an Apple Store employee asking the workers for the stair was basically a direct order to give it to him, which sounds shady. We shall see if the auction plays out this time around, I am betting Apple releases the ninja's on eBay and the auction is pulled.

[via Gizmodo]