Apple takes number 4 in laptop sales

People are always boasting about being number 1, but this month, Apple is excited to be number 4. Number 4 in what? In laptop sales of course.

In May Apple managed to capture 14.3 percent of the laptop market, up almost two percentage points from April. They still have to battle with HP, Toshiba and Gateway for the crown, but at the rate that they are gobbling up market share, they will be sitting on top before you know it. Their overall PC share is up to13 percent.

What is interesting is that Apple continues to grow in the laptop market even though their laptops average well over $1000, while Windows-based PCs run about $800 on average. It shows that the consumers are willing to pay a premium for a product that they feel is superior. Something that will no doubt be reflected when the iPhone launches on Friday.

Apple Now No. 4 in Notebook PC Sales [via yahoonews]