Apple Tablet in CDMA and GSM flavors for both Verizon & AT&T?

Carrier support for the much-rumored Apple Tablet has been well argued over the past few months, with some sources tipping AT&T – with whom Apple already work with on the iPhone 3GS – and others pointing at Verizon Wireless.  According to Fox, however, both carriers may be in line for a version; they claim that Apple is still to complete negotiations, and say that internal sources have confirmed that both a CDMA and a GSM model of the Apple Tablet will be launched.

Also supposedly confirmed is WiFi access to Verizon's hotspots on the tablet, at least according to another source at the carrier.  The touchscreen slate will automatically switch between WiFi hotspots and its own 3G connection, just as the iPhone currently does with AT&T WiFi hotspots.  For their own part, no source at AT&T has suggested the same functionality, but it isn't too great a stretch to assume they'd offer the same sort of access on their own network.

As for pricing, Verizon have apparently been discussing generic tablet-style data plans (though refusing to specifically mention the Apple device) and suggesting that they'd be priced more in line with netbook packages than smartphones.  Meanwhile, Apple Insider has received word that Apple Tablet prototypes have been spotted using CDMA radio hardware.

In something of an aside – though welcome news for many – the Fox tipsters also claim Apple and Verizon are in talks to launch the iPhone together.  That's predicted to take place "by late spring or early summer" though details have not been finalized.

[via Apple Insider]