Apple sues HyperMac accessory maker for using MagSafe and iPod cables without permission

You may have seen the line of HyperMac accessories for Apple gear before, the stuff is actually made by a company called Sanho Corporation. Apple has filed a suit against Sanho for allegedly violating Apple patents by making accessories that use the MagSafe and iPod cable designs without permission.

Sanho is based in Sunnyvale, California, specific products that are named in violation of Apple patents include the HyperMac MBP-PRO and MBP-Air power adapters, and the MacBook car charger called the MBP-Car. This case is a bit different from some in that the HyperMac gear actually uses cables and connectors that were built by Apple for its own purposes.

The iPod products that are part of the suit include the HyperMac Nano, HyperMac Micro, and the HyperMac Mini devices. The suit was filed in the US District Court in the Northern District of California. Apple has also stated according to AppleInsider that it notified Sanho of the violation via official letters on April 26, May 19, and again in June of this year.