Apple Stores reportedly getting ‘concierge’ service for Genius Bar

Nate Swanner - Feb 24, 2015, 11:24 am CST
Apple Stores reportedly getting ‘concierge’ service for Genius Bar

When you stroll into an Apple Store, you know you’re going to get the help you need. Stroll up to the Genius Bar, and those baffling problems you’re having with your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook often vanish before you leave the store. How long it might take — that’s another story. If a new report is correct, you’ll soon know just how long your in-store appointment at the Genius Bar will take, as your local Apple Store is said to be getting a service named ‘concierge’.

This ‘concierge’ feature is believed to be the end of the first-come, first-served Genius Bar protocol. Now, Apple Store employees will take your info, as well as listen to what your problem is, and input it into a new iPad app.

This app will tell Apple Store staff just how long it will take for you to have your issue resolved. This new feature takes into account the current queue at the Genius Bar, as well as your issue (and those of others). It might also seed you higher in the queue, based on your need.

Say, for instance, you stroll in with a completely locked-up MacBook. That’s pretty serious. According to this report, you’ll likely be situated ahead of someone who has a minor issue like not knowing how to change a ringtone or access iCloud.

Once you’re told how long your wait will be, Apple Store employees might ask for your phone number. From there, the ‘concierge’ app will automate a message to you, telling you that you’re in the queue, and advising you of your wait time. A second message tells you store staff is ready for you, and away you go.

There’s no timeline for when this might roll out, and the report says there are no current plans for this to affect Genius Bar appointments made online.

Source: 9to5Mac

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