Apple Store now offers order status updates via text

I think just about everybody wants to know exactly what's going on with an order they make online every step of the way. This is only natural because when we spend big money on a product at place such as the Apple Store; we all want to know exactly when our new purchase will show up. Yesterday Apple added a new feature to its website that shoppers will appreciate.

After the Apple Online Store was down for roughly 6 hours yesterday, it came back up with a new feature. Apple is now offering order status updates via text messages sent directly to your mobile phone. The text message order status updates are available for US customers.

Getting updates via text message is a new option in addition to the standard e-mail notifications. Shoppers can request received a text message updates when they are in check out and Apple says the number of text messages you receive will depend on number of products you ordered. Users that sign up for the text message updates can opt out by replying with the word "stop" to any of the messages sent from Apple. Apple will only send texts between 8 AM and 9 PM in the buyer's local time zone.

[via CultofMac]