Apple Store no longer carries Bose products

A lot has been speculated on regarding Apple's relationship with third-party entities lately, as both Bose and Fitbit have reportedly come under fire as having offended Apple's sensibilities. In Fitbit's case, it seems to be their resistance to support HealthKit that allegedly has them on the edge of being removed from the Apple Store. Bose and the NFL have a partnership that saw athletes being fined for wearing Beats headphones. Suddenly, a search for Bose headphones in the Apple Store brings up no products.

If you search for Bose in the Apple Store, though, it redirects you to Apple routers and other non-Bose stuff.

It's hard to assume there's actually bad blood, though. Apple and Bose settled a patent squabble recently, and neither made overtures about any discourse. The fines levied for wearing Beats headphones can be considered unfortunate, but neither Bose nor the NFL went directly after Beats. The fines were threatened to anyone who wore non-Bose headphones, not specifically Beats.

It just so happens athletes like Beats. Also, the fines (at least at face value) were issued by the NFL, not Bose.

Still, Bose is gone from the Apple Store. It might have been slumping sales, Apple not wanting to step on tier own toes after buying Beats, or this whole NFL nonsense ruffling Apple's feathers. It doesn't matter.

If you want Bose, you won't find them at the Apple Store.

Source: Apple Store