Apple Store is down: new iMac, Mac mini or Pro near?

With the rumors surrounding the iMac, Mac Pro and Mac mini, the fact that Apple have just taken their online store down to update it seems to be pointing at only one thing: new toys on the horizon.  There's no telling exactly what might be fresh and shiny when the store returns, but we have a fair idea of what it could be.

Top of the list of expected new products is a refreshed iMac desktop.  The all-in-one is expected to get new NVIDIA graphics, in line with its MacBook notebook brethren.  Also tipped for a long-overdue update is the Mac mini, which has been seen in various leaked videos and images and which we're expecting to see appear with a new Mini DisplayPort connector, among other things.

Finally, a new Mac Pro desktop tower could be on the cards, again bringing it up to speed with Apple's new favored video connector, Mini DisplayPort.  That would let the company finally retire the older Cinema Displays, as well as give them an opportunity to slot in some new NVIDIA graphics.

We'll be keeping a watchful eye on the store, as we're sure you will be too.