Apple Store is down! Get ready for the Apple Watch

It is like the calm before the storm and has actually become the unofficial indicator that Apple is just about to put out something big. The Apple Store is down, which means something will be up once it's back. In this case, there is no secret. The Apple Watch is almost here and Cupertino is putting the final touches to its online store to be ready. And it better be, as the Apple Watch purchase process will be something quite new, especially for consumers, and Apple best be prepared for the oncoming online onslaught.

Unlike iPhones and other Apple devices, getting an Apple Watch won't be as straight-forward. You won't even be able to walk in and buy one. Sure, you can fall in line at the long queue, but, at the end of it all, you will only get the chance to take it for a spin. Actually buying one, well, that's a totally different story.

You can get one either via an appointment or pre-order. In both cases there will still be some waiting, but at least not in line under the mercy of the elements. But even then you probably shouldn't expect instant gratification. In some places, particularly Europe, some models of the Apple Watch may take as long as May to ship. The official schedule starts late April, so best keep those fingers crossed you might be one of the lucky ones. And if you're aiming for a gold Apple Watch Edition, your retail outlet choices are even more limited.

The Apple Watch has so far received pretty mixed impressions, which might be a bit worrying for a premium-priced device. But, this is Apple we're talking about and nothing will stop some fans from getting their hands on one, bad review or not. Apple is confident that there will be a huge demand, so huge that they might actually eclipse available supplies. As some are wont to say, "Patience is a virtue".