Apple + Starbucks = Music with your coffee

Everyone knows that you can't walk outside without seeing a Starbucks. Just the other day I was hiking through a woods, and what did I find? A brand-new freaking Starbucks. Well, maybe there aren't that many of them, but it seems that way sometimes. Apparently this has caught the eye of Apple, which sparked the idea for some kind of crazy partnership.

Starbucks has WiFi, the iPod has WiFi. Guess what, when you wander into your local Starbucks with your sexy new iPod Touch, you're going to get a pleasant surprise. You'll have free access to the iTunes WiFi Store while in your local Starbucks. You'll also get to see the last 10 songs that were played there, with the opportunity to purchase the songs.

So how many Starbucks are going to participate in this partnership? Right now there are 5,800 WiFi-enabled stores in the US, however, they have to upgrade them all for iTunes support. It is going to take some time, but they'll eventually have all of the stores upgraded by 2009, hopefully most of them will happen before that though.