Apple Speakers released

Sure, you could use this with anything that has a headphone jack, but why wouldn't you want to use them with your Mac? Or even with your iPod? It just seems like it would be a crime not to.

My momma always said, and apple a day keeps the doctor away, I don't know if that scientifically holds true, and it surely wouldn't apply to these speakers, but it would stave off bored provided you had a music source to hook up to them. This pair puts out 2 watts of power total, that's one watt per speaker.

I have no clue what the price or availability is, it appears to be for sale on a German/English website, and not enough of it is English for me to be able to figure out how or where to buy a set. So, if you know German fairly well, and can read English as well, hit up the techmatics website and let us know where and for how much you can get a pair of these.

Apple speakers launch [via pocket-lint]