Apple spaceship headquarters approved by Cupertino planning commission

CEO Tim Cook discussed Apple's beautiful and ambitious "spaceship" campus during the company's shareholders meeting back in February, saying it was aiming for a grand opening in 2016. Such ambitions have been contingent on city approval, however, something it is closer to gaining via a thumbs-up vote from the Cupertino planning commission it received today.

On Tuesday, Apple presented residents with a presentation to help encourage a positive reception for its planned spaceship campus, doing so a day before a vote that took place today would determine if it could proceed. It was anticipated that the Cupertino planning commission would vote with approval of the project, not the least of which due to perks the city will receive.

Said Cupertino's Mayor Orrin Mahoney earlier this week: "The good news is that the EIR appears to have been very comprehensive, with every impact listed along with what Apple is doing to mitigate those impacts. We've all received tons of emails about this project, and most have been positive. When I talk to neighbors and friends they say, 'How come they haven't started building it yet?'"

CNET is reporting that the planning commission approved the campus in its vote today. With the construction of the campus will come $35 million in fees for the city, as well as $68 million from Apple direct investments, money that will go to the creation of housing and bikeways, among other things. Now that the planning commission has voted, the city council will have its vote in two weeks, and if that goes as planned, the final okay will come in May 2014.

SOURCE: NY Daily News