Apple Shows Off New Fifth Avenue Store Rendering

A major revamp of Apple's famous Fifth Avenue store in New York City with the 32-foot glass cube entrance has been underway since June. The $6.7 million project will keep the glass cube intact but will simplify its structure by using larger panes of glass. Today Apple provided a rendering showing how the new cube will look once completed.

The new structure of the cube entrance will use only 15 panes of glass instead of 90. This makes for only two vertical seams on each side. The original cube was already the epitome of minimalism, but the rendering of the new cube shows that you can still get an even cleaner look. However, this could also mean more dead birds and bruised foreheads.

The store has remained open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, although the entrance has been covered up with grey plywood to hide the construction. It'll be interesting to see how they plan on delivering 32-foot tall by 10-foot wide panes of glass to the site without disrupting the flow of customers and without revealing the unfinished structure. The construction is expected to complete by November.

[via Apple Insider]