Apple shelling out 15% refund on broken 27-inch iMacs

27-inch iMac owners have been plagued with problematic displays for the last several weeks, and Apple seems to be trying to make it up to them, with a 15 percent cash refund on all 27-inchers.

It's been widely reported that Apple customers have announced complaints over their 27-inch iMacs, whether it be cracked, flickering, or yellow-tinted screens.  If that's a $2,000 model, than the buyer has just received $300 (although those given the refund seem to be people who've had multiple problems/run-ins with their iMac).

According to Gizmodo,  the 15% refund is for "tax and shipping", a flat base rate to cover the iMac return no matter where the buyer is.  So that would mean if I returned an iMac, I'd only be able to pocket not even 6%, since I live in California and am under its heavy 9.75% sales tax rate.  And if there wasn't an Apple Store near me, I'd also have to cover my own shipping costs.  Adequate refund?  Not for everyone.