Apple rumored to be working on another larger tablet, possibly based on Mac OS X

Those wanting to get their hands on an iPad have a 60 day wait starting from last Thursday, but  a rumor has surfaced that Apple is said to be developing a more advanced tablet model.  The new model is said to be much larger in dimensions, and more likely to run software akin to Mac OS X instead of the iPhone OS.  Oh, and it would launch within the year.  iPad buyers may possibly want to wait this out.

According to MG Siegler over at Techcrunch, he's corroborated some of the main details with several sources, although like every other piece of juicy news, this also should be taken with a grain of salt.

This is one of the problems I have with the iPad – the iPhone OS is limited in the sense that it can only run stripped down apps ported from the iPhone/iPod Touch, and even further development solely for the iPad still would reek of such.  With some version of the Mac OS X, an Apple tablet could be more than a half-baked idea, as it is now with the iPad. [via everything iPad]