Apple rumored to be looking to OLED screen for next iPad

Here we go again, the iPad hasn't even launched globally, and already speculation about the next version mounts. A new rumor floating around claims that Apple is looking to an OLED screen for the next generation iPad.

I have a hard time buying this rumor. OLED screens that are small enough for smartphones aren't so expensive right now. However, when you move into OLED screen sizes that will work for netbooks and the iPad or other tablets they get much more expensive. I don't see in the next year that an OLED screen in the 10-inch size will be cheap enough to make it work for the iPad.

The rumor comes from a source in the component industry according to DigiTimes. The second-generation device is said to be launching next year, but no specific date is offered. The source claims that OLED panel costs will drop by 2011 making them cost effective for devices like the iPad.