Apple rumored switching back to NVIDIA GPUs for 2012 MacBooks

A new rumor claims that Apple may be switching back to using NVIDIA graphics processors for its 2012 MacBook models. According to sources for SemiAccurate, the return of NVIDIA GPUs is believed to start next spring when Apple's notebooks are also expected to be refreshed with Intel's next-gen Ivy Bridge chips.

Apple had booted NVIDIA about three years ago in favor of AMD chipsets, but the recent issues with AMD Llano supply capacities and the failed attempt at implementing them in the latest MacBook Airs have forced Apple to switch back. Despite Apple allegedly swearing off NVIDIA, there's really no other alternatives in that arena.

The switch will mainly be for Apple's larger notebooks that haven't transitioned into an all-Intel solution with integrated graphics. It's been rumored that Apple has been working on a new MacBook Pro for 2012 that will feature a redesigned chassis that will be thinner and lighter, similar to the MacBook Air lineup.

[via MacRumors]