Apple retail store in Brazil tipped to open by March

The first rumblings we heard that Apple was looking to open its first retail store in South America surfaced in November of 2012. Those rumblings were about a year ago and this week rumblings have resurfaced with a tip from a source claiming to be familiar with Apple's plans. That source claims that the Apple retail store in Brazil could be opening at some point in the next five months.

The source claims Apple will open a retail store in Brazil sometime in February or March. That would put the retail location in place just in time for Carnival. The source claims that Apple is hoping to hit the February or March launch date for the store, but admits construction and staffing issues could delay the opening.

Apple is reportedly going to bring retail employees from the US to Brazil to teach Apple's retail practices to the local workers. The location for the store is said to be the Rio de Janeiro Village Mall. Brazil has become an important market for Apple and other device manufacturers.

Some of Apple's devices are manufactured in Brazil. Foxconn currently has a factory in Brazil where the iPad is constructed. Brazil lured large manufacturers to the country by offering significant tax breaks.