Apple retail poster for workers lists what was learned in last ten years of Apple Stores

The tenth anniversary of the Apple Store was a big deal for the company and the most public thing that customers saw was the change to using iPads for the signs in the stores. Rue immortalized the irony of that choice with one of her cool comics. The poster is what you see below and it basically impossible to read, but the gang at MacRumors has transcribed some of it for us.

Apparently, it's called the Smart Sign, it's placed in the back of the store for workers, not customers to read, and it talks about things Apple learned in the retail store world. I like this quote, "Our first store, in Tysons Corner, taught us our first lesson within the first 30 minutes. We had just opened the doors when we noticed the steel already needed polishing. With a special polishing solution. And a special polishing tool. That's when we learned that blasting steel with virgin sand makes it less prone to scuff marks."

It's also interesting to me that Apple has put thought into the retail experience down to the color of the shirts workers wear. The poster reads, "Speaking of T-shirts, we've learned more than you can imagine about our own. We've found that when we wear black T-shirts, we blend in. And when we wear too many colors it's confusing. But blue shirts are just right. We've also learned that it takes precisely 4,253 stitches to embroider the Apple logo on those blue shirts. And we even figured out which direction the stitches should go in."

[via MacRumors]