Apple Retail Exec Ron Johnson Poached by JC Penny

Just a month after the 10 year anniversary of the original Apple retail store, a chain that's played an absolutely integral part in Apple driving up to its near-god-like status in the technology world today, JC Penny has struck a deal with Apple Retail Executive Ron Johnson to appoint him to their company and empty the Apple spot. This is not the first time Ron Johnson has switched from one gigantic megastore to another, having come from Target Corp a little over 11 years ago. What does this mean for Apple? That we're not quite sure of at the moment. What does it mean for JC Penny? We would hope it would mean they're about to clean up their act!

The retail clothing group is expected to announce the appointment later today, noting that Johnson will be sent straight to the CEO spot for the company succeeding long-time head Myron "Mike" Ullman. What's most exciting about this appointment is the idea that Johnson's work with Apple has kept with simplicity and lead the computer company into a massive nonstop freight train of profit via simplicity and fine, uncluttered environments. Does this mean that the clothing giant will now be following suit?

Johnson joined Apple in 2000, one year before they began opening retail locations. He since helped open more than 300 locations worldwide, and can be seen above pointing toward the future inside a Chicago-based store. Speaking from experience, and I'm sure you know this too, Apple is the only store I know of that is consistently packed with consumers. Packed to the very brim of the store basically from open to close, every single day, in every single location we've got here in Minnesota. Believe it. Whatever JC Penny payed to gain Johnson, they got a steal.

[via The Wall Street Journal]