Apple refunds buyers of GameStore app

Somehow, an app called GameStore managed to make its way onto the Apple App Store recently where some people apparently purchased the app without bothering to look what it was or at least not worrying about their buck. The app is thought to have been a developer app that slipped into the wild by mistake packed with sample code. GameStore was seemingly some sort of test app that was uploaded for live testing and someone at Apple hit the publish button by mistake. The app was probably approved by the same person that approved stinkers like Shaken Baby.

Apple is taking it on the chin and refunding all the people that purchased the app and the app was quickly removed from the App Store. The people that downloaded the app at 99 cents will get refunds for sure; it's not clear if the folks that then purchased in-app items that were non-existent also get refunds on those in-app purchases. Presumably, they would get in-app purchase refunds too.

I guess that a bunch of geeks just wanted to see what the app was and didn't mind losing the dollar. An email was sent to the people that bought the app from Apple telling them the refund was coming. Some are wondering if this email is a hoax though since it has grammar errors in the message. It reads to me like someone that might not speak English natively wrote it.

[via Macrumors]