Apple received more online traffic than eBay or Walmart last month

The word is in that Apple received more traffic online last month than Walmart or eBay. In fact, Apple is the sole retailer other than internet shopping sites Amazon and eBay to be in the top fifteen most visited websites in the United States in November, according to ComScore. The research company believes that pre-holiday shopping may have been what largely helped facilitate Apple's huge push past some of the largest online stores for internet-based visitors.

How does a single mere technology company pass some of world's largest online retailer in internet traffic? The answer is simple, and comes down to a single word; iTunes. The digital media store consists of roughly 30 percent of Apple's almost 80 million U.S. unique visitors last month. Ad Age reports that Apple receives almost as many online hits as the largest newspaper site, that of the venerable New York Times.

Together, Apple's website and iTunes had over 79.2 million unique visitors in November, enough to push it past eBay (72.1 million) and even retail behemoth Walmart (58.5 million). Other major shopping sites it edged out were Best Buy (36.5 million) and Sears (31 million). Apple was ranked 13th overall in terms of U.S. unique visitors in November, behind only major online sites like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo.

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