See if your plug was just recalled by Apple

Apple has issued a voluntary recall of three-prong AC wall adapters that are meant for use in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the UK. The problem, Apple says, is that these adapters can break and then pose a risk of electrical shock when touched. So far, Apple says that it has identified six such incidents worldwide, so it's looking to prevent more instances of broken adapters by recalling them now and replacing them with newer models.

The AC adapters at the center of this recall are actually pretty old. Apple says that they shipped with some Macs and iOS devices between 2003 and 2010, so if you've purchased one of these three-prong adapters at any point in the last eight years, you're probably in the clear. These adapters were also included in the company's World Travel Adapter Kit, so even if you live outside one of the three regions name above, it sounds like there's still a chance of owning a defective plug.

You can tell if the adapter you have is have is one being recalled or a newer model simply by looking at it. The plugs being recalled are entirely white, with no lettering on the inside slot that connects to the Apple power adapter. Newer models – ones that aren't defective – have a gray-colored portion that connects to the power adapter and sport a thinner design, so it's pretty easy to tell which one you've got. You can see the differences between the two in the image above.

You can find more information about how to exchange your wall adapter over on Apple's support site. Your three options for requesting an exchange are heading into an authorized Apple Service Center, making an appointment with an Apple Store, or contacting Apple support. For most people, getting in touch with Apple support will probably be the easiest option, unless of course you need a replacement immediately.

The replacement process is the same for those who came to own one of these adapters by way of buying the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit. Obviously, you should stop using the defective adapter until you can get a replacement, even if it hasn't broken yet.