Apple pulled into lawsuit by small Nevada company

Dell ,Apple, Fujitsu, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Nokia, Panasonic, Palm, Samsung, and Toshiba have all been added to Typhoon Touch Technologies hit list. Typhoon is accusing these companies of using their patented ideas that date back to 1995 for the touch computer. Their patents were so open ended and broad that they have been able to pull these companies in saying that all of their touch computing is in conflict with their ideas. They created the blueprints for their technology for the police departments based on touchscreen portable devices with built in computers.

They first began going after companies when Dell release their Latitude XT tablet, now they have brought in more than 10 companies. Everyone is unclear as to how far they will get in these proceedings.

What we do know about the lawsuit is that Typhoon is hoping to use them to generate a steady stream of revenue, as they are seeking injunctions against the products involved until companies agree to pay a "reasonable royalty", on top of the financial damages they're asking for.

[via iPhoneAlley]