Apple promises fix for PDF exploit (and will block JailbreakMe exploit in the process)

For a long time the general consensus among many geeks was that Apple gear didn't have the security flaws that some other brands suffered from. As the Apple gear has grown in popularity, especially the iPhone and iPad, more and more exploits and attacks for Apple devices are surfacing. One of the more recent security vulnerabilities in iOS surfaced this week when a German IT security agency warned of a vulnerability in the way PDFs are handled.

The vulnerability was described by the agency as a critical weakness in iOS. When the announcement was made the German Federal Office for Information Security said that clicking on an infected PDF was sufficient to infect the device with malware without the user knowing on several iOS versions. Even the site that will jailbreak your iPhone or iPad warns users to grab a patch on the Cydia store after unlocking their device.

Apple is fessing up to the flaw and has promised a fix for the issue on both the iPhone and the iPad. Apple is apparently working on the fix right now, though an exact date for the fix to land hasn't been announced. Apple has only said that a fix will be coming in a future software update.

[via Yahoo]