Apple prepares to bring Retina-quality graphics to its online store

Apple is planning to roll out high resolution graphics on its online store to welcome those who have the new iPad and new MacBook Pro with Retina display. Apple started upgrading graphics on the website back in March before the third-generation iPad with Retina display was released, but parts of the online store still have older graphics that don't look so great on the latest devices.

Developer Callum Strong from Fat Media discovered new Retina-quality graphics on Apple's servers, which are likely intended for upgrading the online store. The new graphics have double the resolution of the ones currently online and have "2x" tags to differentiate between the old and new quality files.

Apple currently has five products that it says are suited for Retina-quality graphics, which obviously include the new 15-inch MacBook Pro and the third-generation iPad, along with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and fourth-generation iPod Touch. The latest iPad has already been out for months and Apple undoubtedly has plans to add Retina displays to many of its products in the future, so we can only expect that the high resolution graphics will quietly pop up in the online store very soon.

[via Apple Insider]