Apple Podcasts Subscriptions delayed with app enhancements inbound

In late April, Apple announced that it would launch a paid subscriptions feature for its Apple Podcasts platform. Called Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, this feature will give creators the ability to offer their listeners premium content through the platform. Apple originally planned to launch the subscriptions this month, but recently sent out an email revealing that the launch has been pushed to June.

Apple plans to make its podcast subscriptions available to users in more than 170 countries and regions, it said in April. Once the feature rolls out, Apple Podcasts users will be able to sign up for premium subscriptions, gaining access to exclusive content and more, as well as ad-free episodes.

Many creators are already on board to use the subscription option, including major players in the podcasting industry like NPR. According to 9to5Mac, creators will need to wait a bit longer than expected to launch their premium content on Apple's platform.

The company sent an email to podcast creators alerting them to the delayed rollout. The decision was made to, according to the email, "ensure we are delivering the best experience for creators and listeners." As well, it seems Apple plans to push out some 'adjustments' to the Apple Podcasts app library based on user feedback.

Based on the email, users can expect the app update in the "coming weeks," while the subscriptions will roll out at some point next month. The email doesn't provide a firm release date for the premium podcast option, though, so it's unclear whether creators should plan on waiting days or weeks before it finally arrives.