Apple Planning Cloud-Based iTunes and Wireless Sync for Devices

There's been a lot of rumors about iTunes heading into the cloud. And with that in mind, there's just as many rumors talking about iTunes offering some kind of streaming service as well — and not just for music. And if there's plenty of rumors circling, two things can happen: they'll either go down the drain and disappear forever, or actually turn into something. If a tipster talking to Boy Genius Report is any indicator, then it looks like iTunes is about to go through some changes.

According to the tipster, Apple is planning to unveil three different capabilities. The first of which, is the ability to stream music and movies from Apple's servers to your computer. But, not just your iTunes-loaded computer, but also Apple's devices. The second feature would be the ability to stream movies and music from your home computer, to other computers in your home. Basically, from your main computer you'll be able to control the content distribution throughout your household. Using an Internet connection will allow you to stream video and music to other remote devices as well.

And finally, the third point. Wireless sync is coming to Apple devices. As you might expect, the tipster suggests that the wireless sync is going to work "pretty seamlessly." And, considering the fact Steve Jobs confirmed it was coming, this last capability comes as no surprise to us at all. And while just having music and videos wirelessly sync would probably be good enough for most people, Apple's also allowing for applications, notes, contacts, and calendar events to do it as well. And last but not least, apparently new devices featuring camera/camcorder capabilities are also in the works, ready to be unveiled at Apple's Fall event coming up sooner than later.

[via Boy Genius Report]