Apple Pay on the web rollout has started

Earlier this week iOS 10 began rolling out for Apple device users. With that updated OS also comes support for Apple Pay on the web, this new feature allows users to pay for purchases online using the payment service and Touch ID. With Apple now supporting payments on the web, many websites are adding in support for the technology.

Among the companies who now accept Apple Pay for the web is Time Inc. where customers can buy subscriptions using Apple Pay. Another big website that is accepting Apple Pay is Wayfair where customers can buy furniture and other household items using Apple Pay. There are also a number of backend payment services that have begun accepting Apple Pay for the web allowing smaller websites and hometown business to accept Apple Pay including Big Commerce, Shopify, Stripe, and Squarespace.

Apple Pay support will certainly come to other websites in the coming weeks to bring alternatives to shoppers online. The big benefit to online shoppers with Apple Pay for the web is that all they need to do is scan a fingerprint to authorize payment. That means at checkout shoppers don't need to type in their credit card number or enter a shipping address.

The secure design of Apple Pay also means that your credit card information and personal details aren't given to the company you are buying from. Support for Apple Pay on the web will also roll out with the OS X update to Sierra that is set for launch next Tuesday. Shoppers do need an iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPhone 6 or later, or an authenticated Apple Watch to use Apple Pay via Macs or on the web.

SOURCE: Macrumors