Apple Pay, Google Pay now accepted at 7-Eleven

JC Torres - Sep 10, 2018, 8:53pm CDT
Apple Pay, Google Pay now accepted at 7-Eleven

It’s a long time coming, but 7-Eleven shoppers can now take advantage of the convenience of not having to bring cash with them to buy at stores. Instead, they can simply tap their smartphones on terminals and that’s that. Digital payments at 7-Eleven just got an upgrade with the addition of Apple Pay and Google Pay to its list, ensuring that three of the biggest mobile payment systems in the US are now all accounted for.

7-Eleven is no stranger to mobile payments. It already supports Samsung Pay, but partly thanks to its use of MST technology, which means it can be used with traditional magstrip terminals. With NFC-based systems like Apple Pay and Google Pay, the rollout can take a bit longer with the need to install new terminals to support them.

Last July, it was already announced that Apple Pay would be coming to 7-Eleven, though no date has been given. That time has come but it isn’t hogging all the spotlight. Apple’s and Google’s competing services are now available in most US stores, though probably not all just yet.

7-Eleven lost no time in letting shoppers know about its other digital innovations, proving it’s not exactly behind the times. Those include the 7-Eleven NOW app for ordering products and paying via Apple Pay (no Google Pay), store pickup service Amazon Locker as well as Amazon Cash payments, and even a 7-Eleven Facebook Messenger Bot for, well, chatting.

News about mobile payments has seemingly dialed down the past months, mostly limited to the addition of stores, banks, and countries to each system’s list. That could just mean, however, that Apple Pay and Google Pay have already become so common it’s no longer worth making a big splash about them.

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