Apple patents reveal a 3D desktop may be in the works

There were dozens of patents made by Apple that were published today. The most notable would have to be a 3D desktop patent for Mac OS X. Back in 2007 Apple has done research on many different topics encompassing future versions of Mac OS X.

The multidimensional desktop graphical user interface appears to be a revolutionary change for an already very beautiful interface. Apple has many drawings depicting what their idea of a 3D desktop may look like. The drawings give off such a good 3D sense that you feel like you are able to climb inside and look around.

From the items placed on the desktop to the dock icons, every item appears to have mass. Icons can be manipulated in a 3D physics model so they visually "fall" if displaced.  Windows and various other items can be placed on different multiple surfaces. These different surfaces will be able to tell in which size the icons should appear. There is still no word on what Apple plans to use this feature for, or if we will ever see it. We are going to cross our fingers and hope for the best. Is this really going to work, or will it just be an unused feature?