Apple patent suggests convertible MacBooks on the way

An interesting new patent has made its way through the US patent office, and it suggests that Apple is looking into convertible MacBooks of sorts, showing off the technology in a recent patent application. However, this particular type of convertible laptop with a removable display would boast wireless display technology.

The patent is titled "Wireless display for electronic devices," and it's pretty similar to what we've seen on laptops from other manufacturers, only Apple's version would come with wireless inductive charging capabilities. Other than that, it looks to be traditional convertible laptop, complete with a detachable display that could also act as a tablet.

As for how the wireless charging would work, the display would use the hinges as a connector for the charging functionality, but we're sure that other factors are involved. Plus, we'd have to believe that battery life and other technical issues could get in the way of something like this.

However, like many patents, this one may never be turned into a product that would release to the public, although anything's possible of course. Apple has said themselves that touchscreen computers aren't all that great, so unless they secretly changed their minds, we wouldn't expect a laptop like this to make it to the public.

[via AppleInsider]