Apple patent shows off RFID in everything

Apple is certainly good for filing patents. They have a ton of them, but this one is really interesting. It's called the "Personal area network systems devices and methods for use thereof," which doesn't sound interesting, but trust me. It is.  


If ever actually produced, this technology could be the future of how our many gadgets talk to one another. But it's not just limited to gadgets. Tiny RF transmitter-receivers would be placed into just about anything and could interact with just about anything around it.

These "smart" devices could ID themselves and transmit data over the long range like WiMax and 3G and the short range like WiFi. All of this would be automated. So your iPod could be plugged into your shirt. Your shoes could talk to your phone. Everything could talk to everything, making for a personal area network all around you. Pretty neat idea. Don't know if it would ever happen, but seems to have some potential real-world applications.

[via Gizmodo]