Apple Patent App Shows Optical MagSafe Data Connector And Convertible Tablet

I would bet that more than one Apple fan has wished that Cupertino would come out with a convertible tablet computer. Something along the lines of a thin MacBook Air that could be transformed into a tablet form factor would be undeniably cool. A new patent app has shown up from Apple that shows just such a device.

The patent app shows a notebook form factor device that has a screen that pops up like a normal notebook screen and then can slide forward over the keyboard to create a tablet form factor. It's important to point out that while the art in the patent app shows the convertible tablet, the patent app itself is not for a tablet form factor device, but for tech that covers scrolling. The patent app is titled "Application Programming Interfaces for Scrolling Operations." Still, it's cool to see that the design geeks over at Apple are at least thinking about new form factors.

Another patent app from Apple outlines a new MagSafe optical data connector that would make a Mac user need to connect only one cable to their machine. It looks like a way to get more bandwidth to a docking station that can have numerous connectivity options like Ethernet, optical ports, and DVI outputs. Apparently, the adapter with all of the ports on it would also be the power supply for the notebook. That would make the power brick we are all familiar with on laptop power supplies a docking station as well. That is very cool.