Apple orders Strange Planet animation from Nathan Pyle and Dan Harmon

Strange Planet, a webcomic series about aliens who use curious language to detail their growing understanding of Earth, will be turned into an animated series destination for Apple TV+. The comic series was launched by artist Nathan Pyle in 2019; it quickly grew in popularity across social media, earning its creator millions of followers on Instagram.

In light of that popularity, as well as renewed public interest in the topic of aliens, it's not surprising that the comic will be turned into an animated series. Apple has ordered a 10-episode season of an animation based on the Strange Planet comic series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The show will be available on the Apple TV+ platform with Dan Harmon of Rick & Morty fame on board to serve as a co-creator with Pyle. Amalia Levari has been tapped as showrunner for the upcoming series, while Apple Studios will work with ShadowMachine to produce the series.

The show will, according to the report, follow the same general theme we see in the comic series — telling the stories of aliens who are learning about life on Earth, including how to interact with humans and animals.

This will be the second animation aimed at adults ordered by Apple for its streaming video platform, joining Central Park animated musical series. Though animated shows for adults aren't anything new, the genre has seen a resurgence in popularity with hits like Rick & Morty, Archer, and Bob's Burgers.